Questions To Ask A Guy

Questions To Ask A Guy - Set 3

Do you wear contacts?

What was the best vacation you ever had?

Do you have a tattoo?

How many girls have you kissed?

Would you like to build a sand castle with me on the beach?

Do you go to church?

What would your dream house be like?

What's your biggest regret?

Are there any groups of people you just canít stand?

What film do you know every line to?

Describe the last good vacation you went on?

Does anyone like you right now?

How did you and your number 1 friend become friends?

What is one thing scientists should invent?

Do you want your friends to respond to this?

When was the last time you cried

Where did you get your name?

Who were the last people you ate with?

If you had lots of money, how would you spend it?

What is the thing you love most about girls?

Plastic surgery-would you/have you?

When was the last time you felt really proud of yourself?

What's the dumbest purchase you ever made?

Do you want to be married right now or sometime soon?

What are your best characteristics?

How do I smell?

Worst vacation you have ever been on?

What is the most expensive gift you've ever bought for someone?

Do you keep a journal or maintain a blog?

Which is your favorite movie of all time and favorite scene in it?

Would you consider yourself a morning person or a night person and why?

Which is your most recent favorite song?

Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person?

Do you have any special talents?

What are your favorite sayings?

When was the last time you cried?

What is your favorite activity and why?

Who is the most famous person youíve ever met?

What do you want to know about the future?

Have you ever made out in a movie theater?

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